About Jeremy Collake

Jeremy and Beth Collake

Jeremy Collake is an independent software engineer living in East, TN USA with his wife. He is the sole owner and operator of Bitsum Technologies (Bitsum LLC).

(image coming soon) DiskEraser picture of old floppy disk package
DiskEraser, developed in x86 assembly for COMTek, a government contractor.

His work includes over 25 years of application development, beginning with BBS add-ons in his teenage years. He ran a Spitfire BBS called the Adjacent Reality and developed extensions for it that were sold via postal mail at the time. Surprisingly, he made a little money doing this. A little.

He worked on defense contractor projects resulting in the non-OS required DiskEraser program, even giving speeches to the IRS. He received an ACM award in Pigeon Forge for his work on his JCALG1 compression algorithm (written in x86 assembly).

Later, he developed PECompact, perhaps the most robust executable Windows compressor/protector ever developed given it's ability to host plugins and chain CODECs.

He worked with the famous Steve Gibson of Gibson Research Corporation on SocketLock and other low-level Windows NT projects.

Further work in embedded systems led to some fame in unlocking the WRT54G series without hardware mods (through a custom firmware reverse engineered to utilize a hidden feature to replace the boot loader). He wrote several tools to facilitate it and published his work. All donation based. It was the poorest time of his life.

He has authored dozens of freeware, open source, and commercial projects. More recent projects include Process Lasso, ParkControl, and CPUBalance.

He remains a very prolific software developer to this day, with ambition that can't be tamed for long. And not ambition to get rich, but just to create - and, sure, survive while creating.

This page was just recently created so the entire - exhausitve - list of work is yet ot be added and dated. A start of a list is below:

  1. Spitfire BBS Add-on Download Counter (1996-1998? Earlier?)
  2. JCALG1 compression algorihtm, with theoretical help from LZSS and aPLib. Written in x86 assembly, just because.
  3. x86 assembly language utilities for Windows PE images
  4. PECompact, PEBundle, and PESuite Commercial Applications for manipulation of PE images (the former being the much larger app). The PE (EXE) Windows file specification is not only complex, but prone to alternate interpertation by different linkers (e.g. Borland vs Microsofot vs Intel), but also in OS versoin treatment, especially as new buffer overflow protections were added to the virtual memory layout itself.
  5. Process Lasso and Process Lasso Server Edition. Real-time PC Optimization and Automation. In a Grenre full of snake-oil, you'd think our demonstrable and proven ProBalance Algorithm might attract more attention. It sure may save you one day from a worst case scenario if nothing else! Now similar strategies are adopted by Intel and Microsoft, though forotunately ours only compelemnt theres, being conservatively written and with performance in mind, instead of power savings.
  6. ParkControl - pointed out that OS managed CPU core parking control was just too inefficient (too slow on ramp-up), leading to numerous changes to Intel's Skylake and above (the performance issues, not me).
  7. Various Windows utilities, embedded WiFi research, and more.
  8. Start reading through links at this page for more.
  9. Lives only through his supporters, who shoot down critics, clowns, and trolls as best they can. Bitsum is one of the last independent PC and embedded software development houses! The rest may exist, but have turned into marketing companies, trying to resell the same stuff every year with a new version number or UI colors.

Public Book Mentions

  1. Mention #1

Public Online Magazine Mentions

  1. Slashdot.org - Linkux Hackers Reclaim the Linksys WRT54G

Organization Awards

  1. ACM #2 at Pigeon Forge, TN event on (terribly presented) JCALG1 compression algorithm. I had just gotten back from the IRS, had no visual aids, so imagine tyring to describe a lossless compression algorithm without such, lol.
  2. Employee of the month at X (first time ever given as an award)

Memerships, Certificates, and Regulatory Compliance

  1. IEEE Anti-Malware Working Group (die to PECompact, which is sometimes abused by malware authors) - largely inactive in it right now
  2. MSDN Subscriber
  3. Extended Validation Code Signing Certificate
  4. DV Domain Signing Certificate
  5. Established business in the State of TN, USA